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Black and White
So it is completely wrong that the minute I seem to get a little break with school work, I go out and get a job which consumes even more time?  Oh well.  At least the coffee's amazing.

I think that I'm starting to get really tired of school.  Isn't your last year supposed to be your easiest?  Why can't I do the senior thing right?  Marco says I need to relax.  Does he even realize the fact that I'm physically incapable.  Usually...

Apparently I have plans with Jane this weekend.  I'm not sure how she thinks she's getting me out of work, but I guess we'll have to see.  I'm sure this will be interesting.

Hmm, dinner. 
7th-May-2008 03:30 pm - say what you need to say
Low Blow
Scary thought, but... I've been thinking.  A bit.  About things that have been bothering me for a few days.  Maybe I'm reading way too much into myself.  I tend to do that sometimes.  But still, is it possible for me to be something I never thought that I was?  Like it was just lying underneath there all the time and now it's suddenly come to the surface?  Who knows.  I'm probably being a complete idiot about it.  Perhaps further experience will indicate...

Maybe I really do feel this.  Or maybe it was just the rice crispy treats.
Best Friends

Work tomorrow.  I'd say it'll be a nice break from all of the drama that seems to be happening at school, but then again, all the people at school are just going to end up at The Dot afterward anyway.  Oh well.

I've found a new love: toddler with a penchant for making unecessary amounts of noise.  We're related, I swear.

I think I kind of knew this before, but I've confirmed that my mouth is the most self-sabotaging thing I've ever known.  Marco said it was, too when I asked him today.  Not that his input was comforting, but at least I know he's honest.  And I swear to god it's a million times worse when sitting next to a cute cheerleader, eating rice crispy treats, and watching the little drummer girl tear it up on Rock Band.

 Oh, poor livejournal.  I've left you all alone for so long.  No worries, I'll try not to neglect you anymore.  I've just had a lot of schoolwork to do as of late.  And I've also decided to get a part time job at The Dot.  I mean, it was only a matter of time before my marriage to caffeine made itself known to the world.  Besides, I need the cash.

Is it just me, or are the girls at Degrassi suddenly going insane?
14th-Apr-2008 07:22 am - OOC: Hiatus something or other
 Okay, so I'm not neglecting, I've just been super busy.  School is a bitch.  So until I know for sure that I'm not going to have a boatload of stuff to do, which will probably not be until summer, I'm going to call this a hiatus.  I might be on, and I might post when I have free time, but I probably won't start any rps or anything.  Sorry about this.  It is painful.
30th-Mar-2008 12:26 pm - the conductor is beckoning
I'm so wiped out for some reason.  Just insanely tired.  But I'm going to be non-complano girl today.

Today is a stay home and read all day kind of day.  And maybe drink some hot tea.  Mmm.

I'm really not looking forward to school tomorrow.  But I suppose I will go anyway.  Because, um, I have no choice?

Rock Band this weekend with Mia and Bella, woot woot.  I'm totally excited.
Yes, birthday.  I was thinking that it wouldn't be, but when I woke up, it was.  And then I was thinking, well maybe it won't be so bad because Marco isn't acting like a freak.  But then we went to The Dot after school, and he brought out this little birthday cake with candles and everything and made me wear a hat and sang to me.  It was pretty much the worst experience of my life (and I wouldn't trade my friends for anything in the world). 

Not a lot of homework, which is good, but I do plan on doing the little bit that I did get.  An appalling notion to some, I know :P  But after that I'll relax, I promise.

Mom got me a Journalism for Dummies book, which was actually pretty amusing.  Got a Flyleaf cd from Marco and some pretty amazing drawings from Jimmy.  All in all, not a bad birthday.  Plus, dad called just for the occasion.  *grins*

I'm drinking a soda that is ice blue in color and a very strange flavor.  But I like it.

Mucho thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday and made me smile today.

Best Friends

Ugh, is my birthday seriously tomorrow?  I feel like it shouldn't be.  Didn't I just have one, like, 365 days ago?

I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything.  At least, I have nothing planned, but with a best friend like Marco, god only knows what will occur.  Probably public humiliation at my expense.  He's oh so very good at it.

I've been swamped by schoolwork this past weekend, hence my abscence.  There should be a lift in the veil this week, I hope.

There is a very disturbing advertisement on the side of this page involving an old woman that would lose out to the Crypt Keeper in a beauty pagent.  That's what I get for not having a paid account.

I am very tired.  I think it might be high time for bed at this point.  Night.


Rainy Day

Feeling better today.  Jane was right, good night of sleep was all I needed.  I think mom's feeling a little under the weather though.  *frowns*

I got a new layout. /obvious   I like it though.  It's simple and cute-ish.

Complete crap on my science test.  Oh well, I called it, so no surprise or disappointment there.

Everything on the television is talking about food, which is making me insanely hungry.  Not that I'm not always hungry.

I feel like drumming.


I'm getting a cold, and I'm fairly annoyed with it.  But this bowl of Cheerios is making me happier.

We have a project due in Media Immersion today, so it's likely that I won't be screwing around on the internet in that class for a change.  Science test today as well.  All the studying in the world can't help me understand this unit.  I hate conceptualizing.

Weather has been pretty nice the past few days, so hopefully it'll stay that way.  But it's doubtful.

Still unsuccessful at conversing with locker buddy.  Not that I've been trying very hard, what with school and such.  But maybe this week I'll see if I can't catch up with her.  Her stuff's very neat and tidy in there at least.

Hmm, time for school.

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