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less talk, more rokk


I'm really bad at filling these out, so I'll make it quick and give you the essentials. My name is Ellie, I'm a senior at Degrassi Community School this year, and an aspiring journalist. I like writing, drinking unsanitary amounts of coffee, avoiding Paige on the bad days, and picking fuzzies off of the couch while I'm watching tv. I dislike oranges, coffee in any flavor other than petrol, Marco's cooking, men that want to get in my pants, and my thusfar horrific choice in men. That's about the extent of my life story.

[This is texaswatermelon playing for degeydegrassi as Ellie Nash from Degrassi: TNG. I'm not actually Ellie Nash (considering the fact that she's a fictional character) or Stacey Farber (because even though she's made of win, I highly doubt that she'd be spending her time role playing her own character). Credit for icons goes to liquidlights, sevenstars, staticromance04, and wakingbreath. Layout credit goes to premade_ljs Thanks a bunch, you guys are fantastic.]